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The Golf Manor Club started simply to create an environment where everyone can have an amazing, fun and great time socialising through competition. Everything we do leads to that simple mission; you leave with a smile on your face and great memories because you just had an unlimited fun experience.


Our golf bays are private rooms with the best indoor golf technology in the world and can accommodate up to 10 guests per bay. Play up to 10 different fun games with friends and family including 18 holes of crazy golf and over 300 golf courses. Are you a keen golfer and want to improve your game? Come and experience the accuracy that you can only get from Trackman simulators and know why the best golfers in the world use the Trackman simulators.

Want to have drinks and food while you play, we’ve got you covered. Order your food and drinks into the comfort of your private bay and enjoy a great time playing the game we all love so much.

Starts at £20 per hour

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Shuffle Board

The most addictive indoor table game in the world is here. Our 12-foot long Shuffle board is set up in a private room and seats up to 10 guests. You can order your drinks and food into the Shuffle Court while you enjoy the amazing and highly competitive game of Shuffle board.

Starts at £40 per hour

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Interactive Darts

The traditional game of darts but…with a digital twist. Our interactive dart board is a proper traditional dart board but with steel tip darts but with digital sensors that bring the traditional game into the digital age. With a 42 inch screen alongside each dartboard, enjoy lots of mesmerising and fun dart games including Killer, Robin Hood and traditional dart play

Starts at £40 per hour

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Let’s show off that singing talent..or let’s just enjoy singing out loud like no one is watching. Our karaoke systems are set up for you and your guests in a private bay that sits up to 10 guests and you can select from thousands of songs on our online track list, create your own track queue and sing the night or day away, while enjoying your food and drinks served to your private room.

Starts at £40 per hour

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Food and Drinks

Our fully serviced bar is open 9am – 10pm everyday to serve you everything from tea and coffee to beer, cocktails and champagne. Our kitchen serves up delicious, mouth-watering and finger-licking dishes that will keep you coming back for more.

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